A group of experts from the Port of Antwerp International was in Cotonou during the month of July to support the local team and to train them in maneuvering large ships.

Earlier in June, the nautical department of the PAC went to Antwerp for a month to practice on simulators. A number of Antwerp experts – including Brabo – and the harbor captain have travelled to Cotonou to help the local pilots and sailors to put into practice the new ship maneuvers that they learned on the simulator.

Cotonou wants to be able to receive larger ships in an optimal way. The past month, they were able to practice the new maneuver on ships of 250 meters. They hope to be able to manage ships of 300 meters by the beginning of next year. The purpose of these moves is to moore ships in departure position in order to facilitate the departure and increase safety. At the same time, infrastructure works and the purchase of two new tugs are on the agenda in order to facilitate the implementation of the new maneuver.