PAI has succeeded in turning the tide within the port of Cotonou (Benin).
The port was about to be blacklisted as a port that should not be called upon because of its safety status. Due to PAI’s intensive hands-on approach during the past year however, the port of Cotonou received the “trophy of excellence” and the green light to continue its activities as before.

In under a year’s time, PAI tackled the entire structure by dividing the port into controllable, secure terminals.
A perimeter control has been instituted, a new security department was created and is now fully operational, and a completely new access control system has been devised.

During their inspection at the end of mid-June 2019, this access control system (based on registrations via a QR code) was named by the US Coast Guard as one of the most efficient access control systems they have ever seen. The system was designed in-house by the PAI expert. The roll-out was supervised by PAI up until the deployment by local management.

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